Raphael Salon - Hair Salon Beverly Hills

Raphael Haute Coiffure is a sophisticated, high end salon in Beverly Hills that combines a warm lounge experience and a reputable salon experience to produce a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere.

Raphael Salon's friendly staff welcomes new and returning clientele and ensures satisfaction through high-quality service and expression of artistic creation.

Beverly Hills Salon, Raphael Haute Coiffure, offers traditional salon services with a little pizzazz.

Raphael Haute Coiffure stands out amongst other hair salons--especially hair salons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California--because of its line of fine salon products, including gel, serum, shampoo, conditioner, and spray.

Having recently relocated and remodeled, Raphael Haute Coiffure's new classy and sophisticated look is an outward example of the pride and high-quality workmanship the stylists have and take with every client.

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