About Raphael SALON

Raphael Haute Coiffure is the upscale hair salon in Beverly Hills of the top hair stylist, Raphael Cohen, located in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles, California. Raphael Cohen, born in Lyon, France, has been creating the most exciting and noteworthy hair designs for men and women around the world for the past 21 years. As a young stylist, Raphael trained at many of Paris' top salons where he would quickly excel and become the salon's most "in-demand" hair stylist within mere months and advance to Head Stylist, Creative Director, and Managing Partner.

Raphael took this experience and these credentials and established Los Angeles' Raphael Haute Coiffure in Beverly Hills, California. With Raphael at the salon's head and with highly-trained stylists surrounding him, Raphael Haute Coiffure thrives and leaves lasting impressions on every client.

A cornerstone of Raphael Salon is its high-quality product line consisting of shampoo, conditioner, serum, gel, and sprays that have helped in the design of such great hair styles that Raphael offers these products individually or as grouped products for his clientele.